Graphic Design

Illustration and sketches for the TINGINIO PANTIS cider

Collaboration with KOOR OÜ'ga was awarded the silver prize at the Estonian Design Awards Competition 2017 in the "sahtlitöö" category.

Take a look at the final product here.

Illustrations for the Labels of Various Products

Illustration of the Rye Flower Vodka Label

Illustration "Hens on a Fiels"

Illustration for the Advertisement for "Karl Friedrich" Beer

Collaboration with KOOR OÜ'ga received an honorable mention at the Estonian Design Awards Competition in 2015.

Illustration "Song Festival"

Illustrations for "Baron Rosen" Wines

Design of CD and Tour

Aldaris Gambrinus packaging, illustration

Illustration for a Box of Chocolates for Kalev

Take a look at the finished product on the Kalevi website.

Grphic Portrait Composition KARL

Collaboration with PR agency Division was deemed worthy of a Bronze Egg.

A View of the EITSA Building

Graphics for Viru Keskus Advertisements

A Graphic Illustration of the Kadriorg Park

A View of the IT College

A View of the Lithuanian Embassy

Nordic Houses Christmas Card

Saaremaa Vodka labels

Gift Illustration for "Kodu Kauniks" 2004

Panorama of Riga

Anniversary Card for the Latvian President 2006

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