Jaan Saar

"Tallinn. Old Town in Graphic Art"

The book features drawings from 1997 - 2016, descriptions are in Estonian and English.

Format 15x15 cm, 152 pages, hardback.

Sirje Vihma


ISBN 978-9949-15-513-2

A hardbacked collection of Tallinn-themed fantastical short stories.

Format A5, 80 pages. In Estonian. The book contains over 40 colour illustrations, which makes it an excellent gift.

Illustrations by Jaan Saar.


Jaan Saar

"Tallinn. Graphic Views of the Old Town"

The book features drawings from 1997 onwards, foreword and descriptions are in Estonian, German, English and Russian.

Format 15x15 cm, 72 pages, hardback.

Ilmar Saar

"Kes poomiseks määratud, see ei upu"

A collection of the most exciting camping adventures of Ilmar Saar. In each of the eight short stories, the author finds a way out of a life-threatening situation.
In Estonian, 71 pages.

Heavily illustrated (design: Jaan Saar)



Graphic Map of Tallinn Old Town